Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RotoPass, exactly?
A: Basically, think of it as a fantasy sports portal to all of the top fantasy information on the Web. By purchasing a RotoPass subscription, you get full access (except where noted) to every site on the RotoPass Roster for the entire fantasy baseball season:

Rotowire.com, ESPN Insider, Fantasy Insiders, DailyRoto.com and RotoGrinders.

Please be aware the DailyRoto.com package is for Tuesdays and Fridays only and that the RotoGrinders package is geared towards DraftKings. The ESPN Insider subscription is for 12 months. The Fantasy Alarm package is their MLB Seasonal Playbook (NOT their DFS package).

Q: What are the RotoPass subscription terms and prices?
A: It's just one subscription. Super easy. $69.95 for the entire baseball season. It starts the second you sign up and is over the day after the World Series. That's the only current subscription term and price we offer.

Q: I already subscribe to one or more of the RotoPass Roster sites. Do I get a discount towards my RotoPass subscription?
A: Only with ESPN Insider (see below). The margins are already razor thin because we are offering the sites at so far below what they usually get, so there's no way to really discount it beyond what we already have. But think of it this way: The total value of all the sites combined is over $270. And no site in RotoPass costs more than $65. So, even if you upgraded ten seconds after you bought a subscription to one of our sites you'd still be getting $205 worth of value for $70. Still a ridiculously great deal.

However, if you are already a member of ESPN Insider, the 12 month subscription you get with RotoPass gets added to the end of your current Insider subscription. You'll just need to call ESPN and 1-888-549-ESPN and give them the code that came with your welcome email. They'll be able to help you over the phone.

Q: When does "the clock" start?
A: The day you purchase the Pass your subscription term commences. Your Pass and access to the RotoPass Roster sites will last from that day until the day after the World Series.

Q: How can I buy a RotoPass subscription?
A: CLICK HERE to go to the Join Now page. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Our site meets both Verisign's and our payment gateway's rigorous security protocols.

Q: I don't care if RotoPass is 150% certified online secure. I don't give out my credit card information online. Is there another way to purchase RotoPass?
A: Yes, you may email support@rotopass.com and we can arrange to do a PayPal payment.

Q: How do I access the RotoPass Roster sites?
A: Once you purchase a RotoPass subscription, login to RotoPass.com with your email address (that's your "username") and the password you created when signing up. You will be taken to a page, ("the RotoPass Roster") that has links to all of the partner sites. Click on whatever site you want to visit. A new window will open up and you will be logged into that site already, "past" that site's security / login page. Read and download whatever you want. When you are done, close the window. You will still be logged into RotoPass and may click over to any site you want. Super easy.

Q: Can I just go to one of those sites directly?
A: You can for Rotowire and ESPN Insider, but otherwise, no. You'll have to login at RotoPass.com then click over to the partner sites. The sites by themselves won't recognize your email address and password - they recognize the RotoPass subscription. But you'll be able to keep yourself constantly logged into RotoPass - and you'll have the links page up and ready to go.

Q: Will you be adding other sites?
A: Maybe. You never know. Right now, we have such an amazing and robust content offering that we don't feel we need another site. Everything you could possibly need or want plus like 100 things you haven't even realized you need are all here. That said, if there is a way to enhance the RotoPass offering, we are always happy to listen.

Q: I play a bunch of other fantasy sports - like NFL, NBA, NHL, Golf, NASCAR, fantasy soccer, college football and college basketball. Will I be able to access the non-baseball parts of Rotowire and ESPN Insider or am I just stuck with baseball?
A: You get full access to everything in a Rotowire and ESPN Insider subscription. You'll get access to their customizable NFL, NBA and NHL fantasy cheat sheets and auction values and NBA & NHL draft kits if you are gearing up for a NBA or NHL draft or auction.

So YES - if you play other sports, Rotowire and ESPN Insider will be very helpful in all of these sports and you have unlimited access to all of them. The access to the other sites in RotoPass are baseball only.

Q: I forgot my password - I changed my e-mail address - I can't login - the links don't work - something you haven't even thought of is happening to my computer / tablet / phone...
A: Email our customer support center at support@rotopass.com! Janet will take care of you and any problems that may arise. Your problem is our problem.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can go to a RotoPass Roster site or download a draft kit or anything like that?
A: Nope. Have at it. All access is all access. We're your ticket to domination!

Q: What about my personal information? Am I gonna get spammed to death?
A: Nope. Your information stays with us and in some cases the RotoPass Roster sites also. Review our Privacy Policy for all the details.

Q: Will my e-mail address and password work from any computer?
A: Yes. You can access your RotoPass account from anywhere in the world. But, if you login while in New York and two hours later, login from Hawaii, we'll take a long look at that. We also monitor accounts that frequently have multiple users logged into the same account. This activity is highly discouraged and may put your RotoPass account at risk... besides, why the heck would you be sharing the most premium fantasy information with your competitors?

Q: Do you offer any free trials or free samples? What about a money back guarantee or a refund if I don't like it?
A: Unfortunately, the information within these sites is so valuable and also has a specific shelf life (you download ranks, you draft, you no longer need the ranks) that we can not offer that. We've had too many bad apples in the past sign up, read the articles, download ranks or projections and then demand a refund. It's not like someone can prove you aren't using the material, you know? So you'll have to take my word for it that it's worth $0.33 a day. And know that once you buy, you own. Thanks for your understanding.

Q: I'm already a paid member of ESPN Insider. I clicked over from ESPN and it does not show a discounted price for a RotoPass subscription. What's the deal?
A: The ESPN Insider time that you get with Rotopass will be added to the end of your current term. Call 1-888-SAY-ESPN

Q: RotoPass rules! I'd love my site to join RotoPass. And I'd love to advertise on RotoPass. And I'd love to put a RotoPass banner on my site and get money for every subscription I sell. How does my site get involved?
A: E-mail support@rotopass.com with your inquiry and a member of the RotoPass team will contact you.

Q: RotoPass is so awesome... I also want my friends and loved ones to Dominate... can I purchase a gift subscription?
A: Absolutely. RotoPass is the gift that keeps on giving. Just select that option when purchasing the subscription.

Q: I'm having trouble accessing ESPN Insider and/or signing up to ESPN the Magazine
A: If you log into Rotopass and click on the ESPN logo, you’ll end up on a page with a “Subscribe now” button. Once you click on the button, you’ll see a pop up with a red “sign in” button to the right. Click on that and sign into your usual ESPN account. Then you’ll be able to complete the process of redeeming your Insider access.

They will ask for a code - your code to redeem Insider access came in the welcome email you were sent when you signed up.

If you're still having issues, send us a note to Support@rotopass.com and we will get it taken care of.

Q: Wasn't there a year long, multi-sport version of RotoPass?
A: Yes. RotoPass has been around in some form or another since 2004. But for a variety of reasons, some boring, some we can't talk about it, some that would require me to talk poorly about another site (which I am not in the business of doing)...it no longer exists. Bottom line, I am VERY EXCITED about this roster of sites for RotoPassBaseball.com. We had a ton of success and fans loved RotoPass.com (the football version of RotoPass) and we're excited to do it again with baseball. These are the best sites in the industry. The old RotoPass site didn't have my picture on it, name or anything. This was does, because I am THAT proud of this collection of content and tools.

Q: Why do I only get access to DailyRoto.com on Tuesdays and Fridays?
A: The package of access to DailyRoto.com every day of the week is $225. Those guys are great and it's definitely worth it, but it was important to keep the price point of RotoPass.com low enough to make it affordable to everyone. So in order to be able to pay DailyRoto.com what they were worth but still keep the price low, we settled on this package. Tuesdays and Fridays are the best days to play Daily Fantasy, with the biggest cash games and tournaments. Between these guys and the daily content on all our other sites, we feel you will be very well prepared every day of the week.

Q: Ok, why are there a few things I don't get access to on RotoGrinders and Fantasy Insiders?
A: Same answer, basically, as the one above. Both sites cost over $120 a year individually. We are offering the entire RotoPass package for $69.95. So in order to make our package affordable, we worked with both Fantasy Insiders and RotoGrinders to offer a comprehensive package for every day of the week but not the full complement of what they do. Again, we believe between the three sites that focus on daily, plus all the daily tools, projections, rankings and analysis on Rotowire and ESPN Insider, you have everything you need to compete very successfully at a very high level. Trust us here. Even with some things not offered, the TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PACKAGE, IF BOUGHT SEPERATELY, IS $315. The value of the RotoGrinders package is $60. Same for Fantasy Insiders. DailyRoto.com would cost $65. And it's $40 for both RotoWire and ESPN Insider. Plus Fantasy Alarm's MLB Seasonal Playbook is $49.95.

I repeat... $315. For less than $70. This is a steal.

Q: This is the best thing to happen to fantasy sports since the Internet, isn't it?
A: Yeah, it kinda is.

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