It ain't bragging if it's true. If you don't want to take my word for it that RotoPass and the sites in it are amazing, will you listen to your fellow players? Just a small sampling of the feedback we've gotten.

"Got my RotoPass.com account yesterday and dominated my #88Crew draft last night."


"First year I had RotoPass was the first year I made the playoffs and won my league. Not a coincidence."


"First time I ever did fantasy MLB and dominated. Prob cuz of RotoPass... Not even a baseball guy!!"


"Helped me take 1st in an ultra-competitive 20tm lge. Consistently saw & added guys BEFORE they peaked."


"I was consistently finishing 3rd or 4th in my leagues. Bought the Rotopass and took home 1st in 2 leagues 2nd in another."


"Must have... Helped me make the playoffs in 90% of my leagues this past season. Thanks TMR!"


"Matthew. Rotopass is brilliant. Thank you!"


I wanted to start by saying that this website is the best investment that I may have ever made in my life. I would recomend it to everyone I know but I am afraid to give up my competitive advantage. Needless to say thank you very much.

Assad Waathiq, San Carlos, CA

I just wanted to say thanks to the staff at Rotowire for the great job you guys did this year. I am a first time subscriber to Rotowire and I will most certainly be on the list of returning customers. There is simply no comparison, you are the best hands down. I believe I could not have gone as far as I did this year without your site to assist me throughout the NFL season. I really like all the features that are available on the site, and I do not think you can make it any better. The ask the expert feature is invaluable in that you get instant feedback for those tough decisions that are frequently encountered during the season. Looking forward to next year and another winning season with Rotowire, Again... Thank You.

Scott McCurdy, Fair Oaks, CA

You're awesome! ... What service! Your site is by far the best format that I've seen. And thank your people for getting back to me so soon. Nobody does stuff like that these days. You guys are a credit to your profession! Who's better than you ... huh? ... who? You guys are incredible. I thank you very much! Subscriber for life I am!

Marcel Charlesworth, Portland, ME

"Fantasy Insiders is instrumental in my daily research."

Adam Goulet, winner of a DraftKings 1 Million Dollar Championship and multiple live finals appearances.

"I will be paying taxes on $20,000 in DFS winnings this year mostly due to the BAT and the rest of the insight from @InsidersDFS"


"My 1st day and my subscription has paid for itself. I came in 3rd out of 983 in Fanduel’s 22k MLB Strikeout (early) for 1k. Thanks…u guys rock."

Phil Federico

"I've been a subscriber to the Rundown for over a year and it has improved my DFS play tenfold. The Rundown not only provides picks, it teaches the strategy, analysis and reasoning behind the picks, which has given me the foundation to be a much more consistent player. I used the Rundown to help me win the Draftkings NFL 3.1M Championship and take home $1,000,000.

The Rundown taught me how to play college football DFS in one season and helped me take down the Fanduel college football championship worth $100,000."

Bill Gunlogson, DraftKings $3.1 Million Dollar Champion

"Drew and Michael are two of the sharpest minds in daily fantasy baseball. Their track record of success proves that. Not only do they provide the most in-depth DFS baseball content in the industry, but they also provide the best strategy and insight to implement their system."

Michael Rathburn, Charlotte NC (2014 FSWA Baseball Writer of the Year)

"I have increased my bankroll 400% since signing up for your service"

Dan, Dallas, Texas

"@RotoGrindersCam @DraftKings Thanks Cam! Wouldn't have been possible without help from you and everyone @RotoGrinders"

"@Gunz4Hire," a top-ranked DFS player, after winning more than $1.1 million over two weeks

"If you play daily fantasy baseball at least a few times a week, then I would say RotoGrinders Incentives is a must have. If you wanted some of the same information, then you would spend hours trying to find it all over the web as opposed to just this one place. Plus, there are things in the package that you won’t even find anywhere else."

HeadChopper," 2012 FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Championship (DFBC) Winner

"Just a short note to let you know I had my most profitable day ever in MLB using your picks in GPPs. The money I spent to access Incentives and your expertise was well spent and has already paid for itself. Keep up the great work and thank you!"

RotoGrinders member "aurum48"

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