Why Buy RotoPass?


By Matthew Berry

1I'm putting my name behind it.

All things considered, I've had a truly blessed journey in the fantasy sports industry. I've been playing since 1984 and now I'm the Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst for ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. I'm a Sports Emmy Winner for my work on ESPN2's Fantasy Football Now. My podcast, "Fantasy Focus" is a top ten sports podcast on ITunes and has won six different podcast awards (including 2 "People's Choice" awards, the "Best Picture" award) from PodcastAwards.com and the New Media Expo, the largest podcast competition in the world. I'm one of only four people to be a Hall of Fame member of both the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA). I'm the New York Times Best Selling Author of "Fantasy Life."

Not a bad resume, right?

There's no reason to risk that resume or my reputation unless I truly believed in something. I've read every site on the planet for the 30 years I've been playing and these sites are the best of the best. I personally hand-picked each one and am putting my name behind it because I believe in what they do. I believe in the quality of the research, analysis, rankings and tools of these sites. I believe in the passion and professionalism of the people running these sites.

And I'm happy to put my name out front, in bold, on RotoPass because...

2It's an elite product for the elite player.
I'll start right off and tell you RotoPass isn’t for everyone. Just like you wouldn't give the Grandma who only drives to church on Sunday as Lamborghini, not every fantasy baseball player needs RotoPass. If you don't play daily fantasy baseball or if you're in a casual league with a bunch of people that set their line-up on Monday and then check in once a week, then this isn't for you.

But if you play in a league where everyone knows what they are doing, where people start discussing next year's draft during the World Series, the second a closer blows a save, his seventh inning guy is snatched up (because his set-up man is already owned)...


Well, my friend, you just found the answer to your prayers.

The Baseball package of Rotowire costs $40. A year of ESPN Insider costs $40. The package you get from Fantasy Insiders goes for $60, same for RotoGrinders. And the value of the DailyRoto.com package is $65.

In fact, the total value of the RotoPass sites is well over $300 for just baseball season. And you know why they cost so much? Because they can get it. They're that good.

And that's why I chose them to be a part of RotoPass.

Not every site - even the good ones - does everything equally well. So why should you have to choose? Now with RotoPass, you don't have to.

When you buy RotoPass, you're gaining access to ALL of the most reputable, knowledgeable and proven sites in the business. And here's the best part...

3It's an amazing value for your hard earned dollar!
Be it entry fees for daily sites, a draft guide, a magazine, a website subscription, a fee for a league management service, your league dues… you already spend money on fantasy sports. So why not spend it wisely?

RotoPass offers the best premium fantasy baseball sites at a discount of over 70%.... MUCH, much less than it would cost to buy them all separately!

In fact, the cost of RotoPass breaks down to just $0.33 a day. If your fantasy domination isn't worth $0.33 a day, if an edge in daily fantasy isn’t worth $0.33...then why are you playing?

Comprehensive in scope, there is NOT a better value anywhere on the internet. You know why we can say that? Because the sites in RotoPass have....

4A Proven Track Record

These aren't a bunch of sites that just started with a couple of buddies who "really enjoy talking fantasy." No, these sites are among the oldest, most respected sites in the history of fantasy sports.

Launched in 1997 as RotoNews, one the very first fantasy sites ever (now called Rotowire), they were the first company to do player news updates followed by a quick analysis of what that meant. They invented the fantasy player news model that every site tries to replicate (just not as well). And Rotowire isn't just news. No, it's everything you need for fantasy baseball. Closer charts and probably pitchers, pickups for even the deepest of leagues, batter vs hitter matchups and history, over 1,000 player projections and write-ups, minor league analysis, and much, much more.

Hopefully, I don't need to tell you about the track record of guys like Buster Olney (reporting for over 20 years), Keith Law (writing for Baseball Prospectus in 1997, working in the front office of the Toronto Blue Jays in 2002, joined ESPN in 2006) or FSWA Hall of Famers Eric Karabell and Tristan H. Cockcroft, who have both been writing about fantasy since the mid '90's.

The Daily Fantasy craze is fairly new, but right from the start, RotoGrinders has been there, becoming the first (and now the largest) daily fantasy community and advice giver. And while DailyRoto.com and Fantasy Insiders are relatively new, the important part is that those sites are being run by guys who paid for their sites with their daily fantasy winnings.


These aren't people doing it for a hobby or in their spare time. The people that own and operate the award winning sites in RotoPass do this for a living.

Think about that. In a world where everyone is offering free advice, rankings and articles, these people offer a product that is so high in quality that people are willing to pay for it. And pay for it in a significant enough way that they don't need to do anything else to make a living. Brag all you want about awards, expert league titles and making your subscribers winners (and that's coming next), but the real proof is in if you offer a good enough value that people want to pay for it. The sites in RotoPass have done just that for a long time. And now, they're finally all available for one low price.

I'm done reading. I'll buy NOW!

5Bragging about Awards, Expert League Titles and Making Their Subscribers Money.
All in, the sites in RotoPass have combined to produce over 50 expert league titles and Big Money Daily Wins, over 70 different writing awards and feature six different FSWA Hall of Famers.

Rotowire, led by FSWA Hall of Famer and SiriusXM Fantasy Host Jeff Erickson and overseen by FSTA and FSWA Hall of Famer Peter Schoenke (one of only four people to be in both Hall of Fames), Rotowire has dominated the FSWA writing awards since they started, with 20 different Fantasy Writer of the Year awards and many more for articles, features and analysis. With more than 30 different expert league titles to their credit, Rotowire backs up what they preach by dominating on the virtual field.

Another impressive run of victories for Rotowire at the 2014 FSTA/FSWA Awards ceremony.

While ESPN Insider features former MLB GM's, ultimate reporters like Buster Olney and Minor League Scouting Gurus like Keith Law, there are too many awards and titles to mention but how about this:

There are four different FSWA Hall of Famers on full-time staff. Only one other company has more than one (and that’s Rotowire). Starting with 2 times FSWA Writer of the Year and Hall of Famer Eric Karabell, Fantasy Focus Baseball podcast co-host Tristan H. Cockcroft is a Hall of Famer, as are James Quintong and myself.

With my friend Eric Karabell on the night we were both inducted into the FSWA Hall of Fame.

With ESPN alone there are over 25 different FSWA award winners, an even more impressive number when you consider that Hall of Famers are not eligible for FSWA Writing Awards... with four HOF's on staff, we're running out of guys that are eligible. Add to that the 14 different FSTA Awards, the Emmy for Fantasy Football Now, the six different Podcast Awards from PodcastAwards.com for Fantasy Focus and the fact that I am also in the FSTA Hall of Fame and well, we'll put our trophy case and expert title wins up against anybody.

The leader of Fantasy Insiders, David Kitchen (aka "Socrdave") is a member of the DraftKings Pro Team, is the 2013 Field of Dreams Champion and was named the 2014 Daily Fantasy Accuracy Champion in an independent study of fantasy analysts. He took that title from his co-worker Dan Gaspar (aka "MrTuttle05"), the 2013 Daily Fantasy Accuracy Champion and a guy who qualified for all three live events in Daily Fantasy in 2013. It's no wonder that the site won the 2014 Accuracy Award for Daily Fantasy sports.

The daily resume for Drew Dinkmeyer and Mike Leone is kind of crazy. Between the two of them, they own these titles: 2012 DraftStreet Fantasy Baseball Champion, 2012 Super Joust Champion, 2013 StarStreet PFBC Champion, 2013 FanThrowdown Grand Slam Champion and, of course, the 2014 DraftKings Millionaire Maker Winner

That doesn’t include the many large tournaments they’ve been finalists in, the thousands of individual wins, or the MILLIONS they’ve helps subscribers win. DailyRoto has helped FOUR different (including Drew) subscribers win million dollar prize pools. Four. That's crazy.

Between the longevity and proven track record, there is no site out there that can compete with RotoPass on an accuracy level, an industry awards or writing awards level, an expert league title level or in the big money wins and literally MILLIONS of dollars they've helped their subscribers win. Add all of it up and not only can no other site compete, it's not a fair fight.

6No more searching all over the Web.
Be it job, school, work, kids, whatever... your time is valuable. You need the time you spend to be on fantasy baseball research, NOT searching all over trying to find what you need. With RotoPass, everything is only one click away!

Once you log into RotoPass.com, all the links are laid out in front of you. When you click on a site's link, a new window opens up INSIDE that site. Look around the site, get what you want, close the window.

You're still logged into RotoPass and can now go to another great RotoPass site.

In. Just. One. Click.

7EVERYTHING you need - No matter HOW you play!
RotoPass.com is by far the most COMPREHENSIVE fantasy information service site you can subscribe to.

Do you play daily games like DraftKings? How about the NFBC or one of the other "High Stake" fantasy baseball leagues? Do you play with OBP? Maybe you only start 1 OF and 6 SS. Maybe you don't play with pitchers. Or three catchers. Don't laugh. I played in a three catcher league once. Do you count holds more than saves? Only draft players born in the Yukon? You name the rules, we have you covered with customizable advice, rankings, draft kits, line-up tools, sortable stats and more to help you win.

And while this is primarily a baseball website, subscribers to RotoPass get access to the rankings, news, tools, applications, articles and experts of all other leagues on both Rotowire and ESPN Insider. So yes, you will have access to the fantasy football info on Rotowire and ESPN Insider. Wanna start prep early for fantasy basketball or fantasy hockey? Play Fantasy NASCAR? Rotowire and ESPN Insider will get you where you need to go with the same customizable rankings, analysis and draft tools they offer for fantasy baseball.

Seriously. Whatever you play, however you play, RotoPass has the sortable stats, projections, rankings and analysis for it all.

8If you won't trust me, will you trust these guys?
Don't take our word for it. Take the word of the biggest names in sports.

  • ESPN, Yahoo and FoxSports.com all use Rotowire.com for Fantasy Player News and content.
  • When SiriusXM decided to do an entire channel devoted to fantasy sports, the first company they called (and the first show they launched on the channel) was from Rotowire.com.
  • And SiriusXM also features daily shows from Fantasy Alarm's Jeff Mans, Ray Flowers plus the weekly Colton & the Wolfman!
  • When ESPN Insider wanted to add to its already robust offering, they made a content deal with FantasyInsiders' Derek Carty.

And by the way, when other "fantasy experts" want advice... they subscribe to our sites. We won't publish their names and embarrass them, but over 100 people who write for, work for or own fantasy websites and magazines are on the subscriber lists of all of our sites. So you can either pay them to steal and try to regurgitate it for you or go straight to the source.

Good enough for them, good enough for me. I'll buy.

9Fine, if you won't trust corporate America, will you trust your fellow man?
Praise. Testimonials. Thanks. Call it what you will, but the subscribers of the RotoPass sites can't stop showering us in it.

"Fantasy Insiders is instrumental in my daily research."
- Adam Goulet, winner of a DraftKings 1 Million Dollar Championship and multiple live finals appearances

"RotoExperts (aka DailyRoto.com) provided me with the analysis and information I needed to become DraftKings' first Millionaire Maker Champion!" Matt Smith, DraftKings' First 2014 Millionaire Maker Champion

"@RotoGrindersCam @DraftKings Thanks Cam! Wouldn't have been possible without help from you and everyone @RotoGrinders" @Gunz4Hire on Twitter after winning more than $1.1 million over two weeks

"Rotowire is great; the best out there for sports information concerning player news." Franklin Rose, Vero Beach, FL

Still don't believe? Read many more testimonials here.

10There's nothing else like it! Anywhere on the web!
Thanks to the exploding popularity of fantasy baseball, especially daily fantasy baseball, news is all over the place and getting the winning edge, the extra insight, that razor thin margin of advantage is becoming harder and harder. Until now. Because while your competitors may subscribe to one premium website... Or even two… they don't subscribe to 6!

Like we said, different sites do different things very well. Now, thanks to RotoPass, you don't have to make a tough choice between sites.

11Don't like to read? That's okay. We have cutting edge award winning tools too!
From the time we all first got on the internet, technology has consistently improved the way we play and win at fantasy baseball. Not surprisingly, the sites in RotoPass are on the cutting edge of technology. Rotowire offers customizable draft software as part of your subscription. In addition, their popular Ask an Expert feature allows you to email a real live human expert and get an answer back immediately. Not technically a tool, but super cool regardless.

Rotowire.com's draft software. Free to RotoPass subscribers!

ESPN Insider has their customizable ranks and auction values, their Insider recommends tool that helps you draft, trade and pick up the right player, their roster advisor is an impartial set of eyes on your team and for those that enjoy gambling, PickCenter helps sharpen those bets so that RotoPass more than pays for itself.

FantasyInsiders' Interactive Cheat Sheets feature tiered plays based on price, with appropriate labels for each player and what type of lineup that player is best suited. A mobile responsive tool so you can make adjustments on the go, no matter where you are when you get that last minute alert. Plus, their Advanced Lineups Page is truly a cutting edge key to setting your lineup. Unlike most starting lineup pages, their advanced lineups page differentiates itself by adding advanced filters. Sort by position, Vegas O/U, handedness, recommended plays, and site salary to highlight players in the lineup that cater to what your roster needs.

Meanwhile RotoGrinders' Lineup Builder helps you craft optimized lineups based on projections and your favorite plays specifically for DraftKings!

What some of the RotoGrinders tools look like for fantasy basketball...

12Up to the nano-second fantasy information! Delivered how and when you want!
In fantasy sports, the news and value of players can change in an instant. Yesterday's set-up guy is today's closer and that's why, when it happens in the real sports world, RotoPass subscribers know it, know the analysis and impact it has sooner than anyone else.

With Rotowire, you can get text alerts, emails or just read it on the web. And you can create a watch list so you're only notified if it's about a player you care about. Last minute line-up alerts for late scratches or line-up changes that affect your daily line-up come from DailyRoto.com as well.

Whether you want to read on the web, listen to a podcast (ESPN, Rotowire, RotoGrinders, Fantasy Insiders), listen to the radio (Rotowire, DailyRoto.com), do a Google Hangout (FantasyInsiders), use apps (Rotowire, ESPN), watch TV (ESPN), get a RSS feed...no matter how you want your info, the sites in RotoPass deliver it every possible way.

13There's strength in numbers!
Fantasy Alarm's famous Mock Draft Army has you completely covered, allowing you to exploit ADP like a madman (or madwoman), finding the values and busts in every round, no matter what your format is. Plus, 30+ strategies from Fantasy Alarm, giving you the blue print you need no matter what format you play or where you are in the season!

14Great Customer Service
My father, Dr. Leonard L. Berry, is a customer service guru, speaking all over the world and having written many books and articles on the subject. So I grew up understanding how important customer service is. RotoPass has that same spirit my Dad teaches to this day. We respond ASAP to your problem and if there's an issue, we will do everything possible to make it right. That's my promise to you.

15You don't want to end up like this guy.

16You get what you pay for!
Any site that tells you they charge less because they want to be "affordable" and are for "the fans" is full of it. People charge what they are worth and not a penny less. If a fantasy baseball site is free or only costs $19.95 for a year, there's a reason for it.

RotoPass isn't for everyone. It's the ultimate fantasy baseball resource. It's a high quality, elite product for those that take their fantasy sports seriously. Yeah, we play fantasy for fun. But it's even more fun to win. So what are you waiting for? Winners are decisive.


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